More and more people are picking up a DSLR. Or a mirror less camera.

These high-end cameras offer a wide range of opportunities.

To utilize your camera to the max you have to understand the basics of the following key ingredients of photography:

– Aperture (depth of field control)

– Shutter Speed (freeze or not)

– ISO Sensitive (light conditions)

– Light (control, utilize)



As I love to explain the beauty of photography, I offer work shops.

But, just like piano lessons, I do home visits (or other venues) were we can go through your camera settings.

Friends are welcome. Maximum 4-5 persons.

You will notice that just after one visit you already can improve your photography skills.

Walking around will never be the same, a photographers eye looks different at its surroundings and light conditions. You too?

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Email or call me if you are interested!





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