DIVING CUP 2016 (competitive diving)

A photographer will always keep his eyes open to opportunities to take and share images of a scene or event.

It is, to me, an eye-opener of how much we need to pay more attention to a growing sport like Diving.

The talentsSenet Poster are plenty, the interest is growing, but will need more support, if we were to keep the orange flag waving in the sports arenas of the world!!

The Senet Diving Cup, the biggest diving event in Europe, held in Eindhoven from 4-7 February, at the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium was an event I would not miss.

The stadium was filled with divers from all over the world, (Egypt, Iran, Switzerland, Czech republic, Poland, Norway, UK, Italy, Belarus a.o.… and the host country, the Netherlands).

With all the best goals in mind, to focus on the moment, take a stance, keep the perfect balance, and with all their might and strength, take a leap and turn that into several somersaults and twists and with a blink of an eye, enter the water as smoothly as possible, with the least splash.

Capturing these moments was challenging as much as it was inspiring. All the hard work and training seen in the flexing and pointing of muscles, the tucking in and stretching out. Here are some photos to enjoy the graceful, highly demanding sport of diving.

Ushi Freitag will be representing the Netherlands in Rio de Janeiro in the 2016 Olympic games in the Diving category. She shows great promise, and is a talent to look out for.

Hopefully her good friend Inge Jansen will qualify too, she will participate in the qualification games next week in Rio.

Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-160_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-165_MediumDiving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-149_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-167_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-148_Medium  Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-153_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-140_MediumDiving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-134_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-137_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-112_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-140_MediumDiving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-115_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-105_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-107_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-111_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-90_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-95_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-99_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-103_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-88_Medium  Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-74_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-63_MediumDiving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-75_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-58_Medium  Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-66_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-52_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-53_Medium  Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-51_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-33_Medium Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-8_MediumDiving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-34_Medium  Diving Cup Sunday 07-02-2016-15_MediumDec 31-12-2015-19 (Large)